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Solar Panel Cleaning Wirral, Birkenhead, Heswall, Caldy, Willaston

Professional solar panel cleaning services in Wirral, Birkenhead, Heswall, Caldy and Willaston.

Solar panels are continually exposed to the extreme UK weather from wind, rain, snow, etc., just like your windows, more so because the position of your solar panels on the roof more easily attract grime and dirt to them.

The more sunlight your panels can receive throughout the day, the more energy or money they will make you. If you have dirty solar panels, even from just a layer of dust, stopping the light from entering your panels so in effect is losing you money and energy! Studies show you could be losing up to 30%.

Solar panel manufacturers recommend that they be cleaned at least twice per year depending on where you live; main roads or houses by large trees may require more cleaning. Just because your solar panels look clean from the ground, we can almost guarantee that they would be pretty dirty if you were to get close to them.

Clear 'N' Bright can easily reach all your solar panels from the ground safely and effectively clean them to the original installation date; we don’t use tap water which would leave your panels streaky. This is no good! It’s like washing your car without using a chamois afterwards. Instead, we use 100% filtered laboratory graded pure water, which dries completely streak-free, soft bristle brushes to remove the dirt and grime just like we use on your windows.

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